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The Center for Responsible Citizenship at Lee University

Cleveland, Tennessee


The Center for Responsible Citizenship promotes interdisciplinary

conversation on the core elements of a flourishing political community. It

highlights the need for moral and civic virtue as the foundation for political life, wherein liberty finds its source in responsibility. This study is guided and informed by a deep commitment to the Christian faith, which understands the human good as connected to a robust vision of persons made in the image of God.

About the Nomination: For their work providing undergraduates with their first paradigm-changing exposure to the political, philosophic, and religious principles that shaped the Western Tradition. Lee's student body draws heavily from rural Appalachian communities in Eastern Tennessee, representing a demographic often overlooked by many undergraduate extracurricular programs.

The Gwartney Institute at Ottawa University

Ottawa, Kansas


The Gwartney Institute's mission is to create a unique scholarly environment for the examination and study of economic freedom and social justice and their role in the advancement of human flourishing. The Institute will promote clarity in the understanding of both economic freedom and social justice, communicating their contribution to more purposeful, creative, and satisfying lives. Because of their central role in the interaction among people, social institutions - along with the economic, political, religious, and cultural factors that shape them - will be a central focus of the Institute.

About the Nomination: For their work developing the Philosophy-Politics-Economics (PPE) League, an intercollegiate competition where students compete using their knowledge of philosophy, politics, and economics through a series of policy case competitions, a game theory competition, a video creation competition, and a video game competition.

The Education Economics Center at Kennesaw State University

Kennesaw, Georgia


The mission of the Education Economics Center is to provide nonpartisan research and technical assistance in the evaluation and design of

education policy, including both tax and expenditure issues.

About the Nomination: For their work developing the National Hybrid Schools Project, a clearinghouse for research, data, and convening for the growing hybrid homeschool movement. The Project explores the many ways individuals and small groups are finding new, entrepreneurial ways to serve families' and students' diverse needs.

The Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise at Oklahoma State University

Stillwater, Oklahoma


The Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise mission is to facilitate campus-wide discussions on issues related to value creation in

society, competitive markets, economic freedom, personal liberty and human flourishing

About the Nomination: For their work exposing students to the free-enterprise possibilities associated with blockchain technologies and for the continued development of their student power consumption meter project.